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    • Submerged A...

      The submerged arc furnace is used for melting of silicon series, manganese series, chrome series,


    • HX Electric...

      Electric Arc Furnace is a steelmaking equipment utilizing the thermal energy of arc generated


    • LF Type Lad...

      LF- type ladle refining furnace is mainly used for refining of primary liquid steel


    Service Center

    Advanced production equipment, superb production process is the basis of product quality, the production process of each process staff are strictly...

    For the user to guide the installation and commissioning, to guide the training staff, according to the user's geographical environment designed to...

    After-sales service pursuit of perfection, let you buy the reassurance,with the comfort

    TEL:029-68935861 86740779


            Shaanxi Kaiyuan Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. is located in Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone, convenient transportation, is set industrial furnace high-tech research and development, production and sales in an integrated economic entity. Company employees 80 people, including 12 management staff, technical staff of 20 people, the factory covers an area of about 20 acres. Company under: the Ministry of technology, manufacturing, quality management, sales service, integrated management and other departments, to provide our clients with efficient, high-quality services.
             The company has a number of high-quality management team and exp......

    Shaanxi Kaiyuan Electric Furnace Co., Ltd.

    No.31601.Block. fifth international center, Fengcheng 2nd Road, Xi’an economic and technical development district。

    ZIP CODE:710018

    EMAIL:[email protected]

    TEL:+86-29-68935861  86740779


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